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Personal Training

Personal training offers a unique advantage: personalized attention. Working together one-on-one allows us to delve into any postural or movement issues you may have and craft a plan tailored specifically to your goals. Understanding the technique and proper form is crucial for preventing injury, and our sessions are dedicated to teaching you these essential skills. We'll start by ensuring your body moves efficiently before diving into exercise techniques. Ultimately, our aim is to establish a comprehensive routine encompassing exercise, diet, and sleep that you can manage independently. My objective isn't to keep you reliant on me indefinitely; it's to equip you with the knowledge, techniques, and discipline to maintain your routine long-term. If you're simply seeking challenging workouts without the foundation of sustainable health practices, the small group training will be better suited to your needs. For me, the knowledge and routines I've acquired for maintaining and improving my health have been invaluable, and I'm eager to share this skill set with you through our personal training sessions.


Small Group Training

If you are looking for a workout, but want some more attention than most group fitness classes can offer, the small group training is an excellent option. The training is a full body strength and conditioning class. So if you're looking for a high quality, safe and effective workout led by a personal trainer this is a good option.  I recommend that everyone does at least 3 personal training sessions prior to joining the small group training, but this is not mandatory.  We will be lifting weights and trying to workout at a fairly high intensity so if you have some aches, pains, or injuries during movement we should address those before starting the routine. Start with the free orientation and then we can decide which path is best.


Fitness Orientation

Whether you're eager to begin or simply seeking guidance, start with our orientation session. I'll assess your posture and movement, answer your questions, and provide detailed training information. It's the perfect first step toward achieving your fitness goals.

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