Strength training and weight loss


I don't do a lot of small group training, and don't have specific times set aside for small group training. I have taught classes in the past and did not enjoy it because everyone was at a different level, and when I looked around I saw a lot of sloppy movements and did not have time to go around and give each person a variation without changing the entire structure of the class. I have found that after people have developed a foundation, and reached a certain level they could then work with others at the same level and benefit from the group setting. After a month or two of training I recommend group training. It only works if the people have similar goals and a similar level of fitness. It is also a cheaper option. If you have trained for a while and have a friend at the same level I am open to do paired or group training. I also have people that I have trained for a while that would like to do some group training. If this is something that you are interested in, send me an email and we can work something out.